What is employee engagement (and how can I find out more)? 

Engaged employees are committed to their organisation’s goals and values and are motivated to contribute to organisational success

 A report to government in 2009 identified four enablers of employee engagement:

  • Strategic Narrative – visible empowering leaders who can explain where the organisation is going;
  • Engaging Managers – managers focus on their people, treat them as individuals and coach and stretch them;
  • Employee voice – all employees are seen as central to the solution of problems; and
  • Integrity – values statements are reflected in day to day behaviours.

One of the ways that the Employee Engagement team here supports Civil Service organisations to embed employee engagement is by circulating a monthly newsletter containing links to useful resources. Check out some examples of the contents below.

Engage for Success

In 2012, the report’s authors formed Engage for Success - a voluntary movement of leaders, managers, engagement practitioners and experts who have come together to take the messages about the importance of employee engagement out across the UK economy.  Their website is a great free resource of useful tools, advice, guidance and case studies that can help to improve levels of employee engagement.

Employee voice

Based on in-depth case studies, a large survey of employers and analysis of annual reports, a report from the Involvement and Participation Association examines how organisations help their employees to speak up, the conditions that have to be in place for employee voice to flourish, and the contribution it can make to business success.

Building resilience

Resilience isn’t just about coping and being stoical – resilience provides a basis for succeeding, and even thriving - rather than merely enduring difficult times. Consultants Robertson Cooper believe that although resilience can be built through day-to-day experiences some more systematic support can make a big difference. You can understand your own resilience and how to develop it using their free online tool i-resilience.

Work life balance

The Advisory, Conciliation and Arbitration Service aims to improve organisations and working life through better employment relations. A paper on the rise of homeworking, looks at the challenges employers face in learning to trust homeworkers and the experiences of homeworkers themselves.

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