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Promoting Employee Engagement and Wellbeing at Civil Service Live

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Civil Service Live is an annual series of interactive, practical and fun events that bring together Civil Servants to learn, network and collaborate.  This year’s events took place across the country, from Bristol to Edinburgh, and Manchester to Newcastle, ending with two days in London.

Members of the Analysis & Insight Employee Engagement programme team attended each event to showcase best practice in Employee Engagement and Wellbeing.

High Employee Engagement and Wellbeing not only benefit the people involved – a wealth of evidence shows links to productivity and organisational performance. For example the findings of the 2011 NHS Staff Management and Health Service Quality report shows that high engagement in the NHS leads to higher patient satisfaction and financial savings and lower infection rates and mortality.  How?  The answer is discretionary effort.  It means the level of effort people could give if they wanted to, above and beyond the call of duty.

EE- CSL 620410
L – R: Simon French (Department for Transport), Christine Fulton (Department for Work and Pensions), Zoe Paxton (Department for International Development) and facilitator Dr Julia Dudley (Cabinet Office)

Showcasing and sharing best practice

Employee engagement and wellbeing across the Civil Service is measured using the annual Civil Service People Survey. Teams with impressively high or fast rising survey scores were interviewed to identify what makes them perform so well and were invited to join panels at Civil Service Live to share their insights.

These panels, titled Employee Engagement and Wellbeing – How Teams Go ‘The Extra Mile’, featured nineteen panellists from a wide variety of teams. Panellists included jobcentre managers, the head of east Scotland’s MOT testing stations, communication managers and estate managers. After setting the scene with explanations of what employee engagement, wellbeing and discretionary effort are we asked our panellists how they have managed to create or maintain a high performing working environment, with engaged, happy and anxiety-free staff.

The panels were designed to provide members of the audience with ideas for how they might be able to create a similar working environment within their own teams. Audience members were also able to pose their own questions to panellists and lively discussions took place at every session.

Many of the successful techniques discussed at Civil Service Live are described in a recent blog post. We were delighted that over 850 people attended our panels to learn simple lessons they can apply in their own team.  Please read the blog post to see if you can apply them yourself, and feel free to share your ideas in the comments box below.

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