Introducing the Analysis and Insight Team

The Analysis and Insight team sits in the heart of the Cabinet Office – a mix of economists, social researchers, statisticians, policy and programme staff

– leading a number of important cross-government programmes and providing a central hub for analysts and analysis in the Cabinet Office.

What we do

  • we run the employee engagement programme including delivering the Civil Service People Survey to every civil servant in over 100 different organisations
  • we lead the horizon scanning programme across Whitehall, jointly with our colleagues in GO Science, and support the Cabinet Secretary’s Advisory Group on horizon scanning
  • we support and encourage other departments to make use of national wellbeing data and integrate a wellbeing perspective into policymaking
  • we work with the OECD and others to understand best practice and innovative ideas being adopted in other countries and share these across Whitehall
  • we provide Cabinet Office teams, Permanent Secretaries and Ministers with expert analysis, evaluation and innovative ways to explore and present data
  • we ensure all analysts in the Cabinet Office have the skills and support they need to provide robust, influential analysis

Throughout the life of this blog, we want to make you aware of the interesting work we are doing in these areas and our latest findings and publications. In addition, we want to use the blog to open up discussions about both the use of evidence and analytical expertise in policy-making and the new tools and techniques which are becoming available and how best they can be utilised. Over the next few weeks, we’ll be aiming to write a post every week telling a new story from our team. The first set of blogs will be from individual parts of the team expanding on the detail of what it is we do.



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    it is good post thank you

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    I cant see an option, like on other blogs, to subscribe for email updates when new blogs come online - do you plan to introduce this?

  3. Comment by Sarah Hanner posted on

    Hello, I can't see a way to get in touch, I'm looking for some demographic data insight by SHA, do you have any access to this at all or know a wo/man who does ?! Thanks


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