Introducing the Cabinet Office's central analytical hub

The Analysis and Insight Team provides a central analytical hub for the Cabinet Office. Our professional economists, social researchers and statisticians provide the department with expert evidence and analysis for the development and delivery of policy. We take the lead in incorporating the latest analytical approaches in our own work, and we also lead analytical learning and development for the rest of the department.

What kind of analysis do we do?

We provide analysis and evidence for a variety of Cabinet Office policy priorities. These include the work of Government Innovation Group and the Office for Civil Society, Civil Service Workforce, Talent and Fast Stream, and Efficiency and Reform Group. Here are just a few examples of our work.

  • We evaluate whether policies are successful and value for money. For example, we lead and manage the evaluation of National Citizen Service, the government’s flagship programme for young people. Last year, this showed that the benefits to society of the programme were up to 2.8 times its cost.
  • We provide economic analysis for policy development. For example, we worked with the Department for Work and Pensions to determine payment by results rates for the new Youth Engagement Fund, which aims to tackle the attainment gap and reduce the number of young people who become NEET (not in education, employment or training) using social impact bonds.
  • We use new and open approaches to support policy development with evidence. For example, we’ve recently led an Open Policy Making workshop encouraging organisations within and outside government to use evidence to inform decisions about the impact of proposed changes to data sharing policy.
  • We design and run major surveys, including the Community Life Survey. At the moment, we’re working at the cutting edge of the collection of Official Statistics, trialling a groundbreaking online methodology for the survey.
  • Our expert statisticians collect and analyse civil service Management Information which informs Permanent Secretary-level decisions about the future of the civil service.
  • We design, develop and analyse one of the largest employee attitude surveys in the United Kingdom: the Civil Service People Survey. Our analysis directly informs cross-government groups such as the Fast Stream, the Government Economic Service and the Civil Service Disability Network in developing policy.

Over the coming months, we’ll be blogging about the interesting work that we are doing, and our latest findings and publications.

How innovation is at the heart of what we do

As part of Government Innovation Group, we strive to include innovative approaches in our work. Whether that’s through using open data, web analytics, data visualisation or data science, taking advantage of new approaches helps to ensure that government policy is supported by even better evidence, and that evidence and analysis packs an even greater punch.

Throughout the life of this blog, we’ll look forward to sharing with you the exciting and innovative work that we do and the difference it makes.


  1. Comment by Michelle wenham posted on

    I am head of HR for gambling commission and we are interested in being part of the people survey and also how we might run a shorter temperature check version

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      Comment by Kate Mieske posted on

      Hi - thanks for your interest! My colleagues who lead on the People Survey will be in touch to discuss.
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